On its 30th year celebration .. 12 December 1983 – 12 December 2013 .. The Arab Organization for Human Right .. A tribute to the efforts and struggles of the human rights movement in the Arab Region

Cairo, December 12th, 2013

On the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR), which reflects the launch of the Human Rights Movement in the Arab Region, in this occasion, AOHR pays a tribute to the efforts and struggles of the human rights movement in the Arab Region, and honors the great sacrifices they have taken upon themselves in order to promote and protect Human Rights in the Arab Countries, and outside it over the years. This March is a large contribution which represents a significant landmark in the struggle of the Arab peoples for dignity, freedom, equality, equity, tolerance and brotherhood.

The 3oth anniversary of the founding of the AOHR coincides with the third commemoration of the start of the storm of change whose revolutionary waves shook six Arab states, and caused ripples of reform in the others. It is a storm that the AOHR is definite it will continue to rage for some years to come, the demands at the heart of the storm being deeply associated with the promotion of Human Rights.

Unfortunately, this happy occasion also comes at a time of tragic events in the region, that were set off by the natural demands of the Arab peoples for a second wave of liberation that would reach individuals and groups and remove the charge of Arab exception made by covetous individuals. These events also restore the Arab world’s contribution to developing the political economic social cultural and academic spheres; that have suffered due to both nationalist forces that fight to oppress these spheres and due to culminating foreign agendas.

On this occasion, the organization reaffirms that human rights should not prioritize one aspect over another, and that human dignity is the higher aim that all parties should aspire to.

Also the organization emphasizes that Human Rights with its civil, political, economic, social and cultural aspects, as well as the right to development and the right to democracy, cannot be established one at the expense of the others, and that the rights of people and nations to self-determination lies at the forefront of Human Rights; people cannot be free if their nations are not also free, and occupation continues to negate freedom,   true democracy cannot be achieved unless it is based on human rights  and  ending all forms of discrimination and exclusion in all its forms.

Furthermore, economic and social rights are rights that need effort to achieve, and are not something that there can be complacency in achieving. Economic and social rights and the right to development for individuals, groups and peoples are the minimum standard on which the basis of social justice and economic equity can be made, which lays the foundation for strong economic development if it adheres to the concepts of good governance and giving people wider choices

The AOHR reaffirms that a stable state cannot be built when there is a lacking commitment to Human Rights, and that security and development cannot be achieved without a true and firm commitment to Human Rights.

AOHR also reaffirms their commitment to continuing to work to our work in promoting and protecting Human Rights, and spreading Human Rights culture, in cooperation with all independent Human Rights groups and organizations, and the various bodies that share the same goals on the national, regional and international levels, in order to achieve the said goals.

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